Night Worker Assessments

For businesses who employ night workers.

We will assist you to devise an appropriate questionnaire  adapted to the nature of your particular business to assess whether an individual worker is fit to work nights. We can then evaluate the completed questionnaires and advise the business on any issues that require further consideration.

Night Time is defined as the period between 11.00pm and 6.00am.

A Night Worker is defined as someone who regularly works at least 3 hours of daily working time during 11.00pm and 6.00am​

Employers are required to offer a free health assessment to staff before they become a night worker. Night Worker Assessments should continue on a regular basis thereafter.

Companies are also required to keep confidential records of: –

  • night staff’s health assessments (keep these for 2 years)

  • dates when staff were offered a health assessment (if they didn’t want one)

Following assessment of an individual night worker’s questionnaire Lloyd Occupational Health will also implement a follow up appointment with the worker, if this is required.

Following this night worker assessment process the Occupational Health Physician will produce a medical assessment for management advising on:

  • Giving advice and support to employees on what they should be asking their own GP
  • Identify any factors at work that are currently contributing to an employee’s Ill health or have the potential to aggravate a current condition
  • Support appropriate engagement to further NHS/GP or specialist services.
  • Identification of the actual cause of any absences so that the root cause can be tackled (stress at work or home, previous injury, hearing loss, etc.)
  • Direct employees to consultation with other health professionals such as a physiotherapist or appropriate counselling.
  • Identify what reasonable adjustments could be made at work

If a worker has health problems that the Occupational Health Physician thinks are related to being a night worker, they will give advice on possible amendments and adjustments.

Ongoing health surveillance through Lloyd Occupational Health may be required with particular employees or a one-off assessment report maybe all that is required to solve an issue or query.

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