Occupational Health Case Management Referral Service

Lloyd OH deliver an Occupational Health Case Management Referral Service for Employees

We provide case management referral services for staff with a long-term or short-term illness or anyone who has recently suffered from an accident or has been diagnosed with a medical condition. Our service will provide a comprehensive health review to identify any issues and provide clear and effective guidance on the way forward for both the manager and the employee.

The Benefit of Case Management Referral

Case Management Referral Service - Lloyd OH Occupational Health Services
  • The identification of the actual cause of any absences’ so that the root cause can be addressed (Stress at work/ home, previous injury, hearing loss etc.)

  • Give management, HR and the employee advice and information on the health issues, timeframe and prognosis.

  • Identify Health Issues that are covered under the Equality Act 2010

  • Specify what reasonable adjustments can be made at work to allow the person to return in some capacity.

  • Direct employees to consultation with other health professional such as physiotherapist, counselling or further GP/ Specialist services.

  • Identify cases appropriate for Ill Health retirement.

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