Lung Function Tests & Hearing Tests

Lloyd Occupational Health offers a lung function test that is quick and easy to undertake only taking 15-20 minutes per employee.

Detecting potential lung function symptoms early enough in your employees will reduce their exposure reduce their risk of developing further health issues. The main causes of Lung Function Problems include: –

Isocyanates (in two-pack spray paints), hairdressers’ bleach, flour dust, grain dust, glutaraldehyde, wood dust, latex (powdered natural rubber latex gloves), rosin-cored solder fume or glues and resins can all cause occupational asthma.

 At Risk Occupations

A lung function test may be included in an Occupational Health Report for businesses such as ….

  • Bakeries
  • Beauty services
  • Cleaning services
  • Painters
  • Agriculture
  • Soldering
  • Engineering
  • Work with animals
  • Welders and woodworkers (including forestry)

The Lung Function Test may also be appropriate where occupational asthma and work aggravated asthma are a health concern.

 Hearing Tests

Lloyd Occupational Health will carry out hearing tests for noise induced hearing loss, this test takes on average 30 minutes and needs to be conducted in a quiet room.

Audiometry became more critical with the 2005 update to the noise regulations which require anyone exposed to noise levels of 85dB(A) or more to be provided with ‘health surveillance’.

Working with Lloyd Occupational Health will allow you to:

  • Comply with The Control of Work Regulations (2005);
  • Fulfil your hearing protection/noise reduction programme; detect any early noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) amongst your employees;
  • Reduce the risk of claims for noise induced hearing loss.

The audiometry process requires attendees to wear a set of headphones through which a series sounds at differing pitches and volumes are played.

They indicate whether they can hear the sound or not allowing the physician or nurse conducting the test to identify any loss in hearing.

Occupational Health Hearing Tests f- Lloyd OH

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