Ill Health Retirement

If an employee wishes to be considered for ill health retirement a retirement assessment will need to be carried out.

Prior to an Ill Health retirement assessment, all reasonable adjustments should have been tried to accommodate the employee’s disability or illness, as well as opportunities for redeployment. Lloyd Occupational Health will then assess the employee to determine permanent incapacity   The means of determining whether an individual is likely to meet the criteria for retirement will vary on a case-by-case basis.

Ill Health Retirement Assessment Medicals from Lloyd OH, Stockport

Lloyd Occupational Health are approved doctors for many pension schemes and will assess your employee according to their retirement schemes criteria.  It is usual for evidence to include an assessment of capability, matched to the requirements of the job, as well as medical evidence about the illness or injury. In most cases of ill health retirement medical evidence can be obtained by examining the patient and acquiring reports from the patients GP or Specialist.

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